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hope and healing

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Millions of women have experienced abortion. Yet we all feel like the only one.

Perhaps we chose empowerment, often others chose for us. Afterwards we're left suffering in darkness, grief, and confusion as we navigate the rest of our lives.

Healing and Hope offers confidential Christ-filled care and support. This group Bible study prohibits politics, offering instead a personal pathway to peace with God after abortion. Freedom can be yours, and you are not alone.

you have a place here,
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hope and healing. 

Have you – or someone you know – been affected by abortion? If you have terminated a pregnancy through abortion, you may be suffering from some of the many damaging emotional effects associated with abortion. Our abortion recovery program is sure to change your life.


Abortion is the dark secret no one wants to talk about. The secret that causes shame, depression, guilt, and other emotions associated with post-abortion distress syndrome.


So many women have suffered from negative emotional effects. Let us help! If you or anyone you know has been affected by abortion, please contact us. We offer a nondenominational post-abortion Bible study in a group setting that changes lives. During this study you will discover hope, peace, encouragement, and deep healing that is everlasting.


Here at FCCPHX, we are committed to helping you heal from your post-abortion trauma. We understand the painful decisions you were faced with at the time you discovered that you were pregnant. Factors that led to your decision to abort may have included:


Pressure from your partner or family

Financial issues

Rape, incest, or terminal medical diagnosis

Poor timing

Belief that it isn’t a baby yet

Belief that its legality will make you feel OK about the abortion


We also understand the consequent emotional issues that can come about as a result of that decision. Emotional Issues include: Depression, Guilt, Anxiety, Nightmares, Isolation, Inability to bond, Shame, Anger, Grief, and even Suicide.


If abortion has caused you emotional suffering, we offer a choice to heal! Please contact us today to find out more information concerning enrollment in our post-abortion recovery program.


Post Abortion Symptoms Questionnaire:


Are you experiencing trauma or stress from a past abortion? Trauma from abortion is real and you are not alone. If you are not sure, answer these questions below and start your journey to healing.


Do you lack the freedom to share your abortion experience with others?

Do you avoid the subject of abortion because you feel like people will see it written across your forehead?

Do you expect bad things to happen to you as punishment for your abortion?

Are you afraid to meet your child in heaven?

Do you engage in self-punishing attitudes and behaviors?

Do you feel like the good promises of God are for other people and not you?

Do you work hard to prove you are a good mother/father?

Do you avoid people or situations that remind you of your abortion?

Do you feel like your relationships (or friendships) with men are unhealthy?

As a woman, do you feel like your friendships with other women lack depth and authenticity?

Do you feel like you are all alone with the emotional pain you are feeling?


Abortion can rob you of many things. If you answered yes to any of the questions above you are living in unnecessary bondage. If you are interested in receiving help with these issues and living in freedom from your past abortion with a hope for your future we would love to assist you on your journey.


Please provide us with your contact information and a member of our staff will reach out to you directly -or- you may call us at (602) 246-9206.

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