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our special friends respite for January is full.

Our next Respite is on March 24th from 5:30pm - 8pm. 

Sign up for that is coming soon! 


At FCC, we want to be intentional about making room for all those who the Master calls to His Table. Unfortunately, families affected by disabilities often encounter major barriers to entering into a church body.


We have officially launched our Special Friends Ministry, which is purposed to identify and break down barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities and reach out to those in our community who might feel unwanted or unable to fellowship and serve with us.


Special Friends will hold Friday Night Respites, which can provide much needed rest for families of those with disabilities and we have a specially designed classroom for Sunday Morning services.



If you are a family in need of support, please consider taking advantage of our upcoming Respites. We are here to support you while you care and support your family! Our loving and trained team are ready for our special friends and siblings as you take some time to rest.

We will have games, food, sensory play, a movie and more!

Click on the event/opportunity below to sign up.

family ministry events


Sunday Mornings during our 10:30am service, we have a specially designed classroom for our special friends of varying abilities. We have trained teachers, a structured set up and lots of hands on fun and play while you enjoy our Sunday Service. 

If you decide you'd like to try it out on a Sunday morning, please click the link below to let us know you're coming. We want to be prepared and ready!

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